What is the number that cannot be written in Roman?

We all know that the Roman script is one of the world's most popular handwriting methods. Roman is used in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Romanian, etc. The largest mathematical numbers are successfully written in Roman with the least number of letters

An example of roman numbers

1 = I

10 = X

100 = C

1000 = M

10,000 = X

100,000 = C

1,000,000 = M

You see, what we call one lakh is written in Roman numbers by putting a line (upper line) above M. Only we Indians call the number 100000 as one lakh, in the west it is called a hundred thousand.

Overall, Roman numerals look very smart. In Indian mathematics, many letters are used to write the number, in Roman the same number is written in maximum two or three letters, but all this smartness comes in front of 0 and becomes double zero.

Zero i.e. 0 can be written only in Indian system. There is no letter for zero in Roman. Because zero was invented in India. In Roman, 0 can be added to any number but there is no provision to write 0 only.

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