Why are there small holes in biscuits, is it just design or some technology?

You must have often noticed that small holes appear in some biscuits. The question is why holes are made in biscuits. Is this done only for design or is there some technology behind it. Let's find out:-

The type of ingredients used to make bakery biscuits are such that they can change the shape of the biscuits under high temperature conditions. When the biscuit is heated, it may swell like bread or it may crack. It may split in two inside the bakery, breaking while it is cooking. Because biscuits are made for children, most of the efforts are made to avoid any kind of adulteration in its ingredients.

That is why, before placing the raw biscuits in the bakery or fire, small holes are made so that the biscuits are fully cooked and there is no damage to them in case of high temperature. These tiny holes let the heat pass through. Biscuits do not fight due to hot winds, so the biscuits cook safely and come out. Isn't it, what little technology that helps in maintaining the quality of the biscuits? Who invented this technique, his name is not found in any book.

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