How did common citizens benefit from the moon mission of thousands of crores?

When humans first stepped on the moon, critics called it a false publicity stunt. Scientists found it very difficult to prove that he had indeed reached the Moon. Then many scholars said that there was no need to spend such a huge amount at the moment. While crores of people in the world have no food, no education, no medicine, then it is not justified to spend such a huge amount on such type of space missions. When these questions came up, their answers were also listed. Let's say:-

Common citizens first benefit of space mission

America's Apollo mission started in 1961. When for the first time human beings pointed towards the moon, a big problem was faced and that was vibration. The shock observer was invented to solve this problem. Just imagine, if the problem of vibration was not there and the shock observer was not invented, would the world's tallest skyscrapers be built. Would the railway bridges and railway tracks be like it is today? Due to the shock observer, the speed of the train can be 100 kilometers per hour.

Second direct benefit of space mission to ordinary citizens

As the astronauts were preparing to travel from Earth to the Moon, a major challenge was how to find out if they were in good health. Health monitors were created to solve this problem. Just imagine, if health monitors are not made for the convenience of astronauts, then ICUs could be built in hospitals. Would doctors have been so successful in saving lives without the help of health monitors? It has to be 
remembered here that in 1961 crores of people died due to mosquito bites.

The third benefit of the space mission to the common citizens

Radiant barrier insulation was used to protect space scientists and rockets from radiation on the Moon. If Radiant Barrier Insulation was not used in space missions, firefighters on Earth would never have been able to get inside a burning fire and get someone out alive. The polymer fiber, which the special fire extinguisher wears, was also used by the astronaut itself.

The fourth benefit of the space mission to the common citizens

Whenever there is a terrible flood, you must have seen that the Disaster Response Force uses a special type of boat. Whose color is orange. In which the air is filled called inflatable rafts. This special type of boat was also built for America's space mission Apollo.

Nowadays, when someone's ear gets damaged, he cannot hear properly, then doctors advise to put hearing aids and after applying hearing aids, his hearing increases again. This was not always the case. This machine was not designed to provide hearing to the deaf, but to enhance the hearing ability of astronauts during the Apollo missions. Which is being used for the health of the people.

There are many more such benefits. Every invention, whether it succeeds or fails, definitely gives some benefit to the human species. Therefore it is not appropriate to link all expenditure with the food of the poor, or with the treatment of sick people. Research and invention are essential for the development of human species. Therefore, in ancient times, great kings never refused to give money to sages and sages.

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